Helping Families Communicate

Sharing bad news or grievances (divorce, death, finances) to significant others is a difficult thing to do. This is especially true for parents resulting in not telling the children or getting other people to tell them. Halo is a mediator for such conversations. Halo becomes activated when both handles of a ring are gripped by the parent and the children. Halo’s voice persona is calm yet inviting and designed to be comforting to the children. My students did extensive research with mental health practitioners and engineered rapport building and fictional storytelling to Halo. Truly an amazing accomplishment! Currently preparing for Reddot — I want the world to know about this.

Ren Fairley (Project, Visual Design Lead))

Varun Khatri (Product, Voice Interaction Lead)

Tori Tryon (Research Lead, Physical Product)

Liam Stoica (App Interaction Design Lead)