Visual Empathy in Discussions

Amazon has recently introduced emotional responses by varying the arousal and valence of Alexa’s voice. The technology is not new, but we are now starting to experience this through a commercialized product. SCAD UX students have looked into the other side. What about the user’s emotional cue in their voice? What if the person becomes too aggressive in a conversation without being aware? Lighthouse is a collaboration device to encourage empathy and active listening by providing unobtrusive visual feedback based on conversational voice data. All five students in this project have gone above and beyond. I strongly recommend viewing the vision video, which captures the core concept very well. Currently applied to three design awards.

Mikayla Kim (Project Lead)

Yeji Han (Research Lead)

Savannah Wilkinson (Interaction Lead)

Jonathan Sanchez (Product Lead)

• Dahyun Lee, 이다현 (Visual Lead)