SWAY the conversation

I bet everyone has experienced meetings that have felt like nothing other than a waste of time. Yes, there are distractions, but a person’s sustained attention lasts about 10-20 minutes — this is why TED videos are typically 20 minutes long. SCAD UX students researched literature in cognitive psychology and did extensive user research on team distraction and came up with Sway, a product that is a 20 minutes timer but also provides awareness to distraction through a gradual change of light. Team members can unobtrusively tap the device to notify distractions. Distractions, to some extent, can be controlled, as evident in numerous usability testing my students did with the prototype. Sway is fully functional!

Henry Tran (Project Lead, Interaction Design)

Eric Flatt (Programming, User Testing)

Austin Lavalley (Visual, Content Design)

Sarah Beth Doncals (Research, Interaction Design)

Kajal Boghara (Content Strategy)